Make a Tote Bag with Pre-cut Japanese Lunchbox Fabric

This diy reminds me of Monica in “Friends”. The one  where she keeps fancy soap in the bathroom but nobody’s suppose to use it ? “She’s saving it for the Queen !


My version of the fancy soap would be this piece of fabric which I got as a souvenir from Nagasaki. It’s 35 x 90 cm and it’s a multi-purpose cloth. However, each time I take it out of the package, I get pretty convinced that someone would spill coffee / carrot juice / consommé soup even ! and soak up the mess with My Precious.

Not only that, I would wash, iron , and fold it back into its original package, just like new.  I decided to end the craziness, took a pair of scissors and cut it in half. The size was perfect for a book bag and I think I will get more use out of it.

It’s lined with sponge fabric that is used for laptop bags , also the same kind of material used for the underside of backpack straps. The fabric is light weight, doesn’t fray, and gives bags a good shape !

The cute cat print fabric is by a Japanese illustrator  and you can see more of her work here : .