Sew a Zippered Purse with Adjustable Straps – From Fabric Scraps !

Fabric scraps.  Can’t throw them out as they are still considered “new”. Yet, too pretty to be use as kitchen clothes. Do you feel what I feel ? Fabric Hoarders of the Internet ?

If you have small pieces of pretty scrap fabric , you can turn them into chic little handbags. Great for gifting in this holiday season and they are the perfect size for a wallet, cellphone, and keys.

In the below tutorial, I also show how to match the pattern on the fabric so the sides will look neat 🙂

The green one is fabric left over from making a shift dress. Maybe I’ll wear them together on days when I feel very antisocial, Ha ! The orangey one, you may have seen it as an apron, which actually was a fabric scraps project from making fabric bins.

2 pieces down, and a whole box left to go !