DIY Cycling Wear : Face Mask, Arm Sleeves, Helmet !

New cycling DIY up on my youtube channel  where I turned my sporty looking helmet into a black n white, polka dots n stripes one. Sounds familiar ? I blogged about it 2 years ago here. I still like the style and since I took it apart for cleaning, I thought I make a video out of it. Efficiency,Yeah !


There’s also a how-to-make  an arm sleeve for sun protection using an old t-shirt.  I added heart sequins patches  on it which I think it’s quite cute and reflective when giving the turn signal on the road. Plus, when you make your own sleeves you can make them extra long. The store bought ones usually falls short under my sleeves and gives me weird tan marks.

For the face mask, I thought up a very easy to sew design, like those belly dancers’ veils, except shorter n in t-shirt fabric ? The piece looks like this :

diy sew a cycling face mask.png

To draft it, measure …

diy pattern for face mask.jpg

# 3 is like, how long your ears are on your face ?

diy pattern for face mask1.jpg

Then you add the tab. This  will become the  slot for the elastic band…

diy pattern for face mask2.jpg

Lay the pattern on the fold, like so …

diy sew face mask simple easy pattern.png

Since t-shirt fabric doesn’t fray, I didn’t add any seam allowance. Pin up the slots with the elastic inside ( saves time inserting the band into the slot here  ) and sew where the pins are, not on the elastic band.

sew a face mask insert elastic band.png

Sew the elastic band to form loops. I put them on and pinch out the area under the chin to create the dart. This will give the mask some shape. You can also add darts on the sides of the chin cycling face mask from recycle tees

and there you have a full coverage face mask that will fit your face !

Please feel free to share this diy ! ( I’ve fixed my pinterest button, should be working now )