DIY : Bike Accessories

Some DIYs I enjoyed making for my new hobby…

1. DIY Face mask :

bicycle face mask

Face masks are great sun protection. I downloaded the pattern from Craft Passion’s Face Mask tutorial. The instructions are very clear and now I have half a dozen of them. I look dressed to rob a bank.

2. Refashion Bike Helmet :

My helmet found a new owner so I’m using my husband’s cap-style one.  I wrapped ribbon around one of the bands and sew some t-shirt fabric around another. New helmet in an afternoon.



3. DIY Crochet Fingerless Gloves :

This is a free pattern from Lion Brand. The actual pattern has slots for the fingers. Somehow when I got to that part, I got all crossed-eyed and was completely lost.  I crochet straight across after I formed the “thumb hole ” and join the stitches to the other side. Then single crochet all around to form a tube thing. Hope that explains the funny shape.

diy crochet bicycle gloves1 diy crochet bicycle gloves2

crochet bike gloves fingerless

The actual pattern looks like this :

crochet driving gloves lion brand


Sweet, huh ? You can get the pattern by logging in to their site and search for “crochet driving gloves”.

4. Bike Bag LED Lights :



Yes, I still haven’t posted the how-to for this messenger bag and now it have lights. Very bright lights too. I found out the auto section have these LEDs  in a variety of shapes at very reasonable price. The lights come with peel off 3M sticker backing and a pack of batteries. No switch included though, so whenever I need  to turn it on, I have to hot wire it and wrap it in electrical tape. It’s actually a fun thing to do.