Happy Makha Bucha Day

Hey there, People of the Internet 🙂  Things are a bit crazy lately. I’m planning a family trip to the southern part of Japan so there are things to figure out. When I come back I will surely keep up with all the blogposts I am following. I’ve scheduled a DIY post for next week so come by to see !

Today is Makha Bucha Day ( วันมาฆบูชา ). If you are in Thailand you can go to any temple at night to see how people celebrate this day. They will light some incense sticks, candle , and bundle them up with a lotus flower and walk 3 times around the temple. Each round is for the Lord Buddha, His teachings, and the monkshood. People usually start with alms giving in the morning and during the day try to follow the 5 Precepts taught by the Lord Buddha.