DIY Ideas : Dog Raincoat and Personalised Leather Collar

Diy sew a dog raincoat with reflective band

Isn’t he a fine-looking dog ? This is my friend’s DIY where she made her four-legged buddy a high vision reflective raincoat and a leather collar with his name stamped on it. Wow.

We figure out the pattern should look somewhat like a bib :

diy dog raincoat pattern

Hand drawn illustrations just for you. We have the measurements of the doggy’s neck circumference,  his under bust ( that’s the area around his body behind his front legs ), and also the distance from his neck to the base of his tail.

diy dog raincoat pattern 2

*correction note : abt 3/4 of under bust  divided by two.  

When you make the pattern, you only need to make 1/2 of it. Place the pattern on the folded edge of the fabric and cut it out. You’ll get a mirror image of the other side. Cut out 2 pieces and start sewing on the reflective band and the velcro.

diy dog raincoat pattern with reflective band

Sew the stubby side of the velcro on the correct side of the fabric and band so it won’t scratch the dog.  Sew the fuzzy side of the velcro on the underside of the fabric and band. Then place the second piece of the pattern under the first piece and bias bind all around.

diy dog raincoat3

She also added a bling-bling sticker to up the fashion statement. The leather collar came out real nice. Here are the close-ups :

diy dog collar leather with name

To make this, first pound a hole on one end of the leather strap and thread the bucket’s whatchamacallit pokey thing through it. Then fold over the end and pound another hole through both layers for the rivet. Add more holes for the buckle to be adjustable.

With leather, you can further personalise it by stamping. The lady can stamp like a boss.

diy dog collar leather antique buckle


DIY a dog raincoat with reflective band and velcro closure