DIY : Installing a Crochet Clock

This is one of my first projects when I learned how to crochet from youtube.  The pattern is from a 2009 issue of Crochet Today ( which is no longer in business ). I thought it would be really cute if the clock functions as a real clock. So here are some tips on how to install a clock kit into a crochet clock.

If you are interested in making this clock, there is  a free pattern available at

saved by the bell free crochet clock pattern from crochet today.png

notes :

-for the clock to work, the clock hands have to move freely. It took me a day to fine tune it cuz the clock hands kept bumping into each other. Also the surface have to be as smooth as possible so that the hour hand will not get stuck.

diy crochet alarm clock that really works.jpg

-I didn’t follow the pattern 100%. I tested different areas of increases to get a rounder shape. Added an extra leg so it has 3 legs for stability.  I’m pretty sure I did more rounds than called for on the clock face.

diy crochet clock that really works.jpg

-The foam padding is makes the clock retains its shape and stand up on its own. Pretty cool. No need to deal with polyester stuffings !

diy crochet clock with clock kit