DIY Shrug, One Knot Skirts with Thai PaKhaoMa Fabric

Today’s DIY are all made from a local Thai fabric called ” Pa Khao Ma “. This is a woven cotton fabric that have a distinctive checker and stripes design in a rainbow of colors. The ends are hemmed so it comes ready to use.

pakama pakhaoma

With its long rectangular shape ( 200 x 80 cm ) , it’s perfect for making this laid-back looking shrug … with huge sleeves and monster cuffs 🙂

diy shrug and no sew skirts from thai pakhaoma fabric by

If you want to try this DIY with this  style of  fabric, I’ve done some researching and found a shop that have wide selection to choose from. Linkies after the tutorial.

Traditionally, this fabric is used by men. They’ll tie it around their waist and tuck a machete into it before heading out to work in the fields.

pakhaoma belt

Ladies wore “pa tung” back then, like sarong maxi skirts ? But that’s so long ago, now we can wear anything. In the tutorial , I’ll showing you how to tie wrap skirts. Just one knot, no sewing needed !

how to wrap skirts one knot no sew

Here’s the video tutorial :

I was looking thru Amazon to find some links to this fabric but it was quite dry in this area. Then I found this Thai shop called ” Pah Kah Mah ” with a really extensive range of designs. For the record, I’m not affiliated with this shop in any ways. I message them to check if they do international sales and ask permission to share some of their product photos.

These are some of the pa khao ma design … Isn’t it amazing that the design are woven into the fabric instead of printed on it ?


I like that they have individual shots, so you can see the pattern n also the product #30411524_1847976441921076_1478743719455752192_o.jpg

They also make bags, hats, scarfs from this fabric :

The scarf is aromatic, there’s some technology put into it to make this line of scarf stay scented for months ! They also make teddy bears with this fabric. The one I find very creative is the boxing gloves :


It’s multipurpose just like this fabric.  Use it for play, keeps your hands warm, or as a desk pillow for power naps. LoL !

The shop’s website is :

The facebook page is :

I recommend contacting them thru facebook cuz it’s more updated. Hope you enjoy this super long post and have a nice day !