DIY : How to Bias Bind a Slit V-neckline

First of, the pattern  is from this magazine:

diy tunic babydoll mag

Not sure if I bought the maternity issue, there seems to be a waist-less  theme going on here.

diy tunic babydoll

I’m making No.19 which shares the same pattern as No.23. If you already have a pattern for a dress, you can create a slit v-neck like so :

From round neck to slit v-neck

Just an upside-down triangle with a very slim base. Sewing in the neckline binding may seem difficult because of the slit. All you have to do is treat the slit  like it is a horizontal line :

How to sew bias binding to slit v-neckline

For good practice, you should stay stitch the neck line before doing the fanning out. This will help the neckline keep its shape. Also, when you fan the slit out, the fabric will get wavy, just pin on the bias binding and sew slowly. After you get the slit bind, you sew the front shoulders to the back shoulders and then  bias bind the remaining neckline in a circle.

slit vneck binding how to

Things learned from this Diy :

  • If the bias binding is too thin ( mine was 0.5 cm wide ), the feed dog will have a hard time moving the binding and the sewing machine will start choking.
  • The fabric ( from Ikea ) I use was not drapey, so the bias binding straps came out rigid and very nerdy looking when tied in a bow.

I further shaped the dress and somehow turned it into a tunic ?!! I have to read up on bust darts.
tunic top in ikea fabric