DIY : Roald Dahl inspired Riding Hood Cushion

I bought blank cushions from Ikea and I’m  not quite sure how I ended up sewing this. It may be the Halloween season or that I’ve been  reading way too much Roald Dahl poems to the  girls. Their favorite one is Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  Who wouldn’t like this version of Little Red ?  ( okay,  maybe the pig would not like her, but that’s too late. )

Here are the notes :

– I’m making the cushion cover to fit Ikea’s Granat. I kept the length as is since the zipper will add extra length to the cushion. So, no need to add seam allowance here.

– I draft out Little Red’s face using proportions on my sketch. Then paint them over. Her eyes should have a creepy hollow look, considering what a psychopath she was. Poor pig.

– Sew the face onto one side of the terry fabric. Then make a long strand with the terry scraps to create a 3D hood effect. Also don’t forget to sew the wolf’s ears.

– Then sew the zipper ( there are many tutorials on this I am sure ). Leave the zipper partly open, sew the sides with the wrong sides showing.

– Flip the cover over and it is done !