How to Make : Thai Fried Beef Strips ( Nua Dat Diew )

Hello everybody ! Today I bring you a favorite Thai dish (“nua dat diew”) or what I called the “one sunny afternoon beef strips”. It seems that every household here in Thailand will have their own special marinate for this dish. Some like to add pounded coriander seeds, some use fish sauce, and some go crazy with garlic.  But !  We will all agree that this is a dish that gets devour the moment it is set down on the table.


So why sunny afternoon ? After the meat is marinated, they are laid out on round bamboo trays and placed under the sun until they are dried to the touch.  Living near the equator makes this feat possible sometimes in under an hour. Imagine what it does to my skin. Alternatively, if you are wary that the dogs might sabotage your dinner, you can put it in the oven under very low heat. Imagine the moisture slowly evaporating, leaving behind a concentration of flavors and aromas, waiting to be unleashed inside your mouth…

Here’s the recipe. You must note that I’ve been practicing drawing on DrawSomething. I like my drawings to be like those of Japanese school girls. It makes me feel young.

I use beef for stir fries. Slice the beef with the grain. I have a natural talent turning juicy steaks into chewy leather work, but this doesn’t happen here. Cool ya !!



When the beef changes into a darker color , it is done. Enjoy with sticky rice !

Credits : Recipe is from Food Travel Tv.