DIY : A Daruma Coin Purse

I started out wanting to make this cute little ear bud pouch by Erin Erickson. Isn’t it adorable ? Tiny and round. You can dangle it on your bag. The tutorial is very clear too, full of photos.

I went digging through my fabric scraps and this guy kept staring at me. Daruma, with his look of earnest determination and his ” Fall down 7 times. Get up 8 times” motto. Well, why not ? I felt like hand sewing.

 You can translate any drawings onto felt fabrics. Just cut out all the features. ( The pdf of my sketch is here :  Daruma Coin Purse Sketch Pattern , if you are interested. )

Then tape them onto the felt fabric and cut.

The eyes are not shown, so don’t forget them. The eye whites are in white. The face is in cream. There should be at least 0.5 cm allowances around the red felt pieces and you don’t need to cut the hole inside. I was saving paper.

Next, with matching threads, applique the eye whites first. Then eyeballs, brows, etc … When the face is done, applique it onto one of the red felt piece.

Then hop over to Erin Erickson’s tutorial to complete the coin purse. I didn’t do the top stitching, and the interfacing I used is the thick iron-on type. I cut out the interfacing without any allowances.

It should look something like this, with a slightly bigger head , since I forgot to add allowances when I cut out the red pieces :

Photo of the back . Neat-o !