Oodles to Doodle

Do you like to doodle ? I find it very relaxing and an alternative to doing other things, like sewing my iron board cover. I came across this site : Tangle Patterns and was immediately sucked into it. Hundreds of patterns and how to draw them. I’ve always wondered how to draw warped abstract designs and 3D tunnels. It’s all there and more. Another plus, these patterns are not ordinary doodles, they are the healing ones. You can read more about it here.

After filling up pages with different patterns, I eyed my white headphones and revamped it with a cd pen. The possibilities … What else have a white background ? Sewing Machine ! Nintendo Wii ! The Fridge !  Oh, and The Walls ! Must resist the urge to be a graffiti artist in my own home.

There is another site : The Henna Page that also have step by step instructions. It’s quite an old site but filled with lovely designs. If you like paisley type, you’ll find it here.

If you know any doodles pages, please share ! I haven’t seen pop art type of tutorials yet.