DIY : Decoupage Zakka Word Easel


Today , as I was rummaging through the “.found” drawer ( that’s where I keep all the tiny trinkets that my kids are no longer fond of) ,  I found a tiny art easel. I saw a word art canvas online where the artist wrote thick, edgy words on with shoe polish? It looked so so cool. I thought I can make a miniature version.

The Steps :

  1. Paint everything white. You can use primer, any cheap acrylic paint will do.
  2. After it dries, coat it with white glue ( with a paint brush or an old sponge )
  3. After that dries, place the decoupage tissue paper on top of the canvas ( after pulling off the unprinted plies ) , dab the tissue lightly with a damp sponge. Start from the center and outwards to the edges.
  4. Wait for that to dry then use a Sharpie to write your inspirational words, or perhaps, something funny ! Place it on a desk top and enjoy your very own diy word art.