DIY a String Tie Face Mask, a little hack

Since wearing some kind of face covering outside is now the norm where I live, I’ve been trying out different face mask patterns to find one that fits me. I like the tie behind the head types. They are very comfortable plus I can unhook it from my ears to drink water without it dangling on one ear …

string tie mask

To wear it, you put it over your head with the mask upside down, then pull and tie the string behind your head :

how to wear string tie surgical mask type

The little hack I did was to the string’s ends. If we make the ends stiffer and longer, it will be easier to thread through the mask :

make any trims into face mask ties

Then, we can change it out whenever we want, making it more hygienic.  I use heat shrink tubes ( Amazon affiliates link ) to fix the ends. These tubes are used for sealing wires and they are like the plastic tubes on the ends of shoelaces. You can use a hair dryer to shrink it, very simple :

You can use your favorite mask pattern and tweak the sides to accommodate the slot for the string tie. It just need an extra 2.5 cm ( 1″ ) added to the sides. If you want to try sewing the one in the video, you can download the pattern on my google drive :

face mask pattern with darts that fits my faceJust click on the image and print on A4 paper, scale at 46%.  I know, why the weird scale ? It just came out like that after I scanned it. Imma still scratching my head.