Diy Cork Sewing Table with Wire Organizer

I was going to do a bag tutorial but I remake my desk and it looks so cool !!!! I got this idea while at a fashion design workshop at Raffles. If you live in Bangkok, keep a look out for their workshops. I heard there will be product design / interior designs workshops in the plan. What’s great is you get to meet fun people who share your interest and you’ll get so many ideas !

This is what I did to my desk :

Usually all the wires are tangled up , so I’m pretty excited I found a way to make them look neat !  The cork sheets are 6mm thick. If you live in Bangkok, there’s this shop in Bangna area  that sells them by the meter. ( Wood and Life ). The shop is pretty far ( km 35 ) but the guy does mail delivery for additional price. Mine came from this roll ( 120 cm wide ) :

cork sold in rolls

Oh yeah, in Thai, “cork” is called “m’ai g’ok” . If you just want to cover a small area , Somjai  also sells them in 60 cm wide sheets… if I remember correctly. You can make a cork pad to put your computer on, then have fun pinning all the wires into industrial-like patterns. Cool , yeah !

If you are not in Bangkok, you can get similar ones here on Amazon. There’s also an even thicker version ( 1/2 ” , about 11 cm !! ) here. ( <– affiliates links ). I think this is thickness I saw at the workshop.

I only apply glue on the four edges but you can glue up the whole thing if you want. I chose not to , just so if I take it apart, I’ll still have a good portion of the cork intact.

If you get air trapped underneath the sheet, just poke some holes with a needle and put something heavy on it. The air will slowly escape.    update : I’m planning to ” go back in” and attempt to glue the whole sheet down. Air tends to get trapped underneath the unglued area causing the sheet to puff up. This strangely happens only in the mornings. By afternoon, it will flatten out by itself. Will update with more photos , after the fix 🙂

diy cork sewing pattern cutting table with wire management function by