DIY Gift Projects : Sew a Cloth Bag + Leather Strap Howto

It’s gift making season, here’s an  easy one to put together. This is a Furoshiki style cloth bag, so all you need to do is cut a square of fabric and hem the edges. That’s all !!  The leather strap is optional, if your bag is a 1 x 1 m square, you can tie the top up and it will still look cool.


I added a double decker pocket to put  purse / keys / phones. Since this is a heavy-weight shopping bag, we don’t want our phones to be crushed ! I’ve carried a 5 kg package of dog food in them before and there’s still space left for more.

For gifting , you can package them in 6″ pizza boxes…

and also make a card with Canva


So come take a look at how the bag is sewn !