Diy : Ikea Hack Children’s Lack Desk and Standing Office Desk

I’ve finally cleaned up my craft area and changed my office desk into a standing desk. I figured that if I have to stand and surf, I’ll moved around more and not be this mouse-clicking potato that I’m turning into. My former  desk looks like this :

diy office desk with ikea legs by

The table top is from a left over project of my dad’s. The legs are  2 ADILs and a ODDVALD  trestle from Ikea. I sew up an elastic band and wrap it around one edge :

diy office table with ikea legs2 by

The elastic band keeps my pens / notepad / loose paper in place. There’s a hanging basket underneath where I zip-tied a power outlet to it. All the wires goes under the elastic band, then wrapped with velcro bands and into the basket.  Always measure the screws length before drilling. We ended up with holes on the tabletop 😦 This could be easily avoided by just adding some washers to adjust the screws’ length.

I use this standing desk calculator to determine the new height and got 4 OLOV legs. I find that if the legs are in the maximum height ( 90 cm) , the desk feels dangerously wobbly. So I lowered it to 85 cm and it feels more sturdy. It basically looks the same, but with longer legs :

diy standing office desk by

With the left over table legs , I took apart a Lack table in my kids’ room and reassemble it :

Diy Ikea Hack Lack Table top to kid desk by

I’ll call it “Chibi Style”. Chubby little desk.

diy ikea hack lack table to children desk by

We’re testing if she likes the flower pot shelf. If she does, I’ll just hot glue them down. I can’t think of any other way to attach them onto the table.