DIY : Remake,Refashion Old Clothings

I did some mini refashions to update my wardrobe 🙂 My too tight t-shirt dress + a  red dress with funny sleeves were morphed into this :

diy clothing refashions by

Kinda retro looking. I should be holding a mixing bowl and a whisk instead of grasping onto Stella’s headless head. You need a fitted t-shirt and the lower part of the dress should be attached a bit above the waist to elongate the lower half of the body. The dress should be stretchy too or you’ll have to sew a side zipper.

I also like how this one turned out :

diy clothing refashions by saltymomnet

Laced deep V, so in trend ! Btw, I posted this on Instagram a couple days ago. My IG is @saltybkk where I post photos of pretty, weird, and/or yummy things I find in Bangkok. Really, I rather follow someone who reads my blog than some shirtless guy who unfollows me the very next day… After I returned a follow, not that I go following shirtless guys as a hobby.  *okay, i’ll shut up now , end of shameless plug*

So, this dress has a deep U back. I wore it just once cuz it constantly fell off my shoulders. Here, I turned it around and that polka dot ribbon holds the elastic together. Problem solved.

The full DIY is here :

Hope you like it and if you have done a refashion, tell me about it !