Bangkok Bike Routes : Graffiti Hunting @ Talad Noi and Charoen Krung Road

Have you done the graffiti hunting bicycle ride ?  There was an art event called “Buk Ruk” ( Trespass ) a few months ago where international and local graffiti artists painted the city. We went treasure hunting  following the map at  BKKWheels  and it was great fun. You get exercise, adventure, and eye candy all rolled into one. I went back with a friend recently and got to track down some pieces that I missed the first time.

We found Judy the Cat on the Charoen Krung Road.

Judy the cat is actually a real cat that lives in that lane. Her owner popped out and informed us that Judy went for a walk and is not back yet. ( LoL ) This piece is done by Binko ( read more about the artist  here ).

I like the humour injected into these work, like the Unicycle bird. It’s cycling on the electric wires.  And that bag with the straw ? That’s how take-away drinks were served before plastic cups took over.

There are many smaller works scattered in the lanes of Talad Noi’s Soi Wanit 2 that are not on the map. I must say Soi Wanit 2 is in itself very photogenic.


For me, the highlight of the trip  was actually this painting :


Whimsical , playing with the wooden window. ( that’s my husband, he likes to take photos with everything. ) On the second trip, the painting grew to the other side :

talad noi bangkok graffiti lenbo

There was a lady there and she told us this is a new installation  done by her son.  We chit-chatted a bit, then she invited us into her house ! Next thing we know, we were walking up and down taking photos of other paintings done by her son. It turns out this wasn’t officially a part of the festival, her son who is autistic wanted to join in the fun. She asked her neighbours if he could paint on their wall and they okayed it ! I think it blended in well and adds to the wall art experience.

This trip can be done in half a day. Map is on the BkkWheels site. When we got out to Charoen Krung Road, we rode on the sidewalks to avoid the buses there. The area in Soi Wanit 2 is safe; small lane with pedestrians and motorcycles.

Read more about Talad Noi here.