DIY a Healthy Salad System

Happy New Year ! Let’s start eating healthy !

I’ve been steadily gaining weight these past few years. It’s like the food I eat, the air I breath, all gets transformed into body fat ? You know that feeling ? My BMI is in the normal range, albeit on the higher end. I think I should do something before it flies off this range.

Since I cook for the whole family, I want to keep food related riots and boycotts from them at the minimum. They still get to eat their fried chicken and I  get to eat more greens. Everybody happy.

So every 3 or 4 days , I will make a batch of salad greens, usually a head of each, preferably in different shades of green…


cos, they are pretty too… Spinning the salad greens will make it last longer and gives it a crunchier taste. Add in some cherry tomatoes , cucumbers and keep them in tuber wares. Sunflower sprouts, avocados, zucchini  to add variations through out the week.


Boil some eggs … I lost half of them de-shelling. They are still good for you.


By the way, I learned afterwards how to properly de-shell eggs the quick n easy way. Just completely crush the eggshell and run some water through it. The shell will peel off in one piece ! 

I also boil beans, Job’s tears in batches and chuck them into the freezer along with frozen mixed veggies ( the diced version ). I divide them into bags and each day will take one out, defrost and that will be my beans of the day.

Since everything is ready in the fridge, when meal time comes it’s just deciding which salad dressing to use. I already feel healthier just looking at it. But we really have to eat it to get the effect. Don’t you love colourful food ? What is your favourite salad ?