DIY Bike Stem Handlebar Bags 2 Versions

Today’s sewing tutorial is 2 different kinds of bike handlebar / stem bag. In Version 1, the bag’s body pieces are designed a bit differently. The front and the 2 sides are combined, where as the back and the bottom makes up another piece :

An elastic band is inserted into the front opening and the bag is secured to the bike at 3 fixed points :

This will work for some type of bikes, where the handlebars lands right on the stem, without that extra bit that pushes the handlebar forward ? I added a little illustration with the dimensions and materials which can be downloaded on my Ko-fi page for free. The video tutorial is below :

Version 2 is more adaptable, as it has slots / loops all around the bag. Detachable Velcro straps are used to attach bag to bicycle. I also added a lining with sponge mesh material to keep things protected from bumpy rides :

I figured out how to make this “cyclone” type of drawstring closure. When you pull the drawstring, it will cinch right to the middle and all you need is a small piece of straw to make it happen 🙂

As always, the tutorial is in video form. To save you time jotting down all the measurements and steps , I’ve also prepared a 5 page illustration + printable circle pattern for the base. This one is sold on my Ko-fi page. I hope you like my drawings… can’t say much about my handwriting. It was kinda hard drawing this on my phone but I finally completed it !