DIY Vinyl Storage Bins and Masking Tape Stickers

Things seem to be exploding out of my craft storage lately and I really need to remedy the situation. I’ve been seeing these paper bag storage bins popping up on Etsy and I really like them. However, I have 2 chihuahuas who would also love to claim them as their own. Paper and pee is not going to work here.

A nice lady cyclist gave me some huge sheets of advertising vinyls that are white on the back.  So here’s what I made :

The brown paper are the same type they use to wrap packages for mailing. I use them to make sewing patterns, so I have lots of bits and pieces left over. The paper’s taped onto the inside of the storage bin. It covers about a third of the bin to create an illusion of a paper bag when one looks at it standing up.

The masking tape stickers was really fun to make. Each bag can have 2 designs, so there are a lot of room for playing .

diy graphic vinyl storage bin