DIY Plaster of Paris Letters for Home Decor

This is a low cost, easy to make project to add fun decor to your home. Just  mix 2 parts plaster of paris to one part water. The mixture should be pourable so that it will fill up  the silicon mold and not leave air bubbles. It takes about 20-30 minutes for the plaster to set.

diy plaster of paris letters for home decor and wall arts

I think you already know not to pour plaster into drains or to inhale them, rub them in your eyes and such .. BUT did you know that if you plunge your hands into a pail of plaster and let it set, you’ll get most of your fingers burnt off ?? I didn’t. Thought I should share  as it seems a lot more dangerous than a clogged drain.

I made about 5 batches to get enough vowels to form some of the words. For the bathroom, I had these ideas :

diy plaster of paris letters bathroom decor.jpgI ended up with “Have a Seat ” cuz it sounds so welcoming. The top ones seemed a bit graphic. Once you have a basket of letters, it’ll be like playing Scrabble. Added the “L” for an extra point below :

diy plaster of paris letters for window.png

I may make a wall hanging if I find a good quote/poem. Now I just play with them on my desk. They are quite photogenic šŸ™‚

diy plaster letter .jpg

diy plaster of paris letter wall .jpg