DIY : Sew a Half Apron in Your Size

This is an easy beginner’s sewing project that you can sew in any size. I like half aprons. They are chic. Wearing them spruce up my mundane home keeping tasks, making me imagine that I am working at a hipster cafe. Really !

So all you need is half a yard of fabric. This can be done by hand-sewing , quicker if you have a sewing machine. Here’s what it looks like :

diy half apron sew it in your size.jpg


and when folded :

diy half apron easy sewing project.jpg


You just criss cross the strap behind your back and tie the knot in front. It’ll naturally form an A shape.

diy half apron by

The pattern :

Pattern to make a half apron in any size

and the steps  ( start with “create the waistband .. ” ):

diy steps to make a half apron in any size

I hope you like this diy and if you make one please show me your photo !