Bangkok Bike Routes : Kid-Friendly Route ( updated )

I wrote about this route  two years ago and much has changed. Since the big flood of 2011, a new flood wall is being built and much of the scenery has changed. For example, this house which  always stops people in their path and leave them wondering about its history …

gingerbread house on chaophraya river1

now looks like this :

gingerbread house on chaophraya river now

Well, at least it will be safe from  floods and from peeping tom passer-by like me. There was actually another house in this compound, but it collapsed into the river several years ago. The owner of the house is trying to get  government funding to turn it into a museum but since there is some issue on ownership ( the land belongs to the church ), it looks like it’s not happening.

The bike path  is open but very chaotic with all the construction going on.

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Adding more to the chaos, the roll of wooden shophouses around Wat Kanlaya temple have been torn down. The land here belongs to the temple. Sad to see it all gone, there is a certain charm in this area that is accumulated through time. It’s not something that can be recreated overnight. But then, in the end, the people living there are trespassers and have to leave.WP_20151217_11_26_22_Pro.jpg


Strangely along the river, towards the shortcut to Wat Arun and Wat Moli temples, one wooden house is left standing… with its antenna askew.


So at this moment, this may not be a kid friendly biking route with all the rubbles waiting to be collected.