DIY Bike Frame Cover for Paratrooper Bike

So, in this post I said my husband wants me to make him a bike armour in recycled jeans style ? I actually meant a bike frame cover for his Paratrooper bike. I just found out a bike armour looks like this :


Photo credit from Ebay 

Not what I’m making. Actually, I’ve already made him one in an army style, with waterproof camouflage fabric. He saw a guy using it, took a photo, then found out the guy bought it for over a $100 !!

Creating the pattern took some time. I wrapped his bike with lots of paper and drew all over it.  Here’s the army version :

I also sew reflective tape on the front and back loops. There are velcro for patches and loops for hooking up bags, like so :

diy bike frame cover paratrooper hummer montague .jpg

The denim version, WIP stage :

The cover is made of 2 pieces, the topside is denim and the underside is black waterproof fabric. After I sew all the belts and velcro on both pieces, I bias binded them together into one piece. I use the waistband, and the seams that run down the jeans to be the straps.

The finished product :

If you happen to have the same make of bike and would like one, you can commission me to make one ! Just leave me a message at my Shop n Contact page and I will get back to you.