3 DIY Walking Route : Flower Market to Chinatown

Here are some walking routes to help you get from Pak Klong Talad ( Flower Market ) to Yaowaraj ( Chinatown).

DIY Walking Routes : Flower market to chinatown

Link to more detailed map here. The routes are meant for day time trips.

First Route : Boat + minimum walking

The most straight-forward route would be taking the boat and getting of Rachawongse Pier. If you are in the Flower Market, the nearest pier will be in the Yodpiman Riverwalk ( get on the large pier in the middle of the riverwalk, the small one at the end just crosses the river to Wat Kalayanamitr ). In the Chao Phraya Express Boat site, they haven’t updated  Yodpiman into their map. Actually the Rajinee and Memorial Bridge Piers are no longer in service.  After you get off the boat, just walk up the road to the main intersection and turn right. That will be the Yaowarat Rd, which is like the center of Chinatown.

yodpiman riverwalk

Yodpiman Riverwalk , viewed from the other side of the river.

Songwat Rd via a motorcycle shortcut ( green color route )

Motorcyclists use this route as a shortcut to Chinatown. Sometimes they get fined cuz they have to ride their motorcycles against traffic or on the sidewalk to get to the entrance. If you have enough of the crowd at the Flower Market, this route will be a bit more peaceful. It’s like getting to Chinatown through the backdoor. The yellow pinpoint on the map  is the entrance to this route.

flower market to chinatown bangkok walking route1

Pahurat / Sampeng Wholesale Market Route

This will be a great shopping experience as you will walk through 2 markets. From the flower market walk up to the intersection and turn right into Phahurat Road. This whole road is filled with fabric shops, walk to the end of the road and you will see this :

flower market to chinatown walking route2

Cross the road and walk into the lane. This lane will cut through several main roads. You can find almost everything for sale here. There are stationaries, towels, clothing, fabric, tubberware, bags, shoes , etc… It’s like ebay exploded into tiny little shops there.  Usually if you buy at least 3 items, the seller will give you a wholesale price.

When you reach this area, it means you are on the Ratchawongse Road :

flower market to chinatown bangkok3

You can turn left and walk to the intersection, then turn right into Chinatown. Or you can continue into this lane and turn left at Mangkon Rd.