DIY : Alphorn Bag is Completed !

and now my husband wants a bike armour in this recycled denim style. More about that later.

The alphorn bag, ta-da !

DIY Alphorn Denim Bag1

I didn’t use jeans to make the handles after all. It looks better with seatbelt handles. The handles are secured with 2 rows of rivets and is long enough to carry snugly over the shoulders.  I  took in the round top to make it more fitted. Also done with rivets cuz there is no possible way to sew through that many layers of denim !

The other side are some pockets. Three small , one large.

DIY Alphorn Recycled Denim Bag2 by

The bottom of the bag is extra thick. They are all from waistbands :

DIY alphorn denim bag bottom

Also added 2 quick release straps to hold the instrument in place and lessen the weight on the zippers :

diy alphorn denim bag straps