DIY : Chalkboard Piggy Kitchen Decor

DIY CHALKBOARD PIGA while back I went to a Thai fair with my kid and we spotted a booth that sells paper mache piggy banks. I discovered that this shop was one of the oldest papermache piggy bank makers in the country ! Before the invention of plastic toys, these red piggy banks were given to kids not only to teach them about savings but also as toys. They come in various sizes. Here’s one I found at their house that is all packed and ready to meet her new owner :

red papermache piggybank

Yes, I tracked them down and biked to their house because I have a DIY in mind 🙂 They don’t have a storefront and only sell by order or at fairs that focus on traditional Thai arts. I bought an unpainted large size one, 14.5″ long :


All of them comes with yarn tails. For my DIY , I snipped it off because I was going for a clean look. There will be a hole, but it will not be very noticeable since I  will be spraying it with this :


Then I outlined it with chalk pencil ( which can be found in sewing supplies stores ).chalkboard pig diy

I was going to mark it like those retro butcher cuts poster. But then I sent myself down a guilt trip, like, you’re going to eat them and label them too ? I then changed my mind and did lettering of food names and whatever popped up in my mind. Ended up with this :


There’s the Korean BiBimBap, just because I love the sound of this dish. So fun to say. That’s the only thing I eat at Korean restaurants cuz I just want to say “BiBimBap” !!

The Thai word is ” kai yarng ” = grilled chicken and below, ” som tum” = papaya salad , my favourite Thai food combo.chalkboard pig kitchen decor diy by saltymom.wordpress.comThere she is on my kitchen shelf, Sweet !

chalkboard pig decor1