The Refashioners 2016 Entry : Diy a Denim Bag 4 Styles

I thought I wasn’t going to make the deadline , phew !! My kids are having their one month   school break , so pretty crazy here. I wanted to make a bag with denim waistbands on them, like the alphorn bag I sew for a friend a while back. The base of that bag looks like this :

DIY alphorn denim bag bottom

I like the rugged, industrial look and all those metal buttons and tags just adds to it. I sew the waistbands onto craft felt and the thickness feels just right.

I use around 5 waistbands , various sizes and while making the pocket I realised that the belt loops are very versatile. I added them to the sides of the bag so  my tote bag / clutch can be an over-the-shoulder bag :

diy recycle old jeans to denim bags.png

I could even use the ones at the base and turn my bag into a backpack !

diy recycle old jeans to denim backpack by

I’m staring at the wall, contemplating over how quickly food runs out when kids are out of school. *sigh* I like this side of the bag too, kinda sweet looking.

Step by step , how to sew this bag :

There are some tips in the description box of the youtube video. Oh, and if you are reading the description box, why not click “Subscribe” too ? You won’t be disappointed ! #sneakyme

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