DIY Ideas : What to Doodle ?

I love to draw but when faced with a blank page my mind goes into a panic mode and also goes blank. What I do to get over this ‘blank page syndrome’ is to find some artwork I like and copy them. Then after drawing for awhile, new ideas will start to form. If I get stuck, I just repeat the process.

My inspiration today is from this book :

sharpie art work shop1

… which I borrowed from the library. However, you can buy it from my Amazon Affiliate link : Sharpie Art WorkShop by Timothy Goodman ( it’s available in paperback and Kindle format ).

I started with this cassette tape doodle :

sharpie art workshop4

I used to make mixed tapes. Back then you have to press  the ‘play’ and ‘record’ buttons simultaneously to start a recording and actually wait for the song to end and press “stop”. All my songs have the beginnings cut off because the DJ on the radio won’t stop talking.

The book have many artworks in lettering styles. “You Don’t Have to Shout” caught my eye…

sharpie art workshop3

Just fill up all the blanks spaces randomly, here and there. It’s relaxing and fun.

sharpie art workshop inspired by salty

The book have many ideas and projects to try. My favourite one is the mini stretch canvas …

sharpie art workshop6