DIY a Messenger Bag : Sewing the Outer Bag ( Part 4)

Let’s go straight to the DIY ! I bull clipped the exterior of the bag onto the interior to see how it fits. This helps in figuring out where to sew the webbings for the 2 quick release buckles. After the webbings are sewn on the bottom of the bag, I sew up the sides. Easy way to find where to put the side pieces is to fold the bag’s body into half to find the center, then align the center of the side to that point. No need to measure.

diy messenger bag sewing outerbag1 by The bag looks like this …

sewing the outerbag by

diy messenger bag sewing outerbag2 by

The bag now looks like this …

binding the bag opening by

Now we just sew on the buckles for the bag strap. The velcro is optional, depending on whether you want the flap to be detachable.

diy messenger bag completing outerbag1 by