DIY : Easy No Cook Cold Tofu Salad

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The other day I saw my friend posted this dish on FB and my taste buds was instantly  reminded of how tasty it is. This cold tofu salad goes very well with a bowl of hot steamy rice and if you chill everything beforehand it takes less than 5 minutes to put together.

Ingredients : tofu, 2 century eggs ( pei dang ), a bunch of parsley ; sesame oil and salt for seasoning

Preparation, about an hour before serving:

Place a bowl on top of the tofu in a coriander with something to catch the water. Place in fridge. (The excess water in the tofu will turn the salad watery.)

Shell the century eggs, refrigerate.

Wash the parsley, refrigerate.

Directions :

5 minutes before meal, chop up the parsley, throw in the century eggs, tofu, add a sprinkle of salt, drizzle in sesame oil and mash the whole thing up. Place in bowl and serve.