Sew a Chest Rig Bag with Adjustable Straps for Biking

Time to update biking accessories for the upcoming “cool” season here in Bangkok 🙂 This bag took quite a bit of figuring out. I need the straps to be tight so that it doesn’t fall off my shoulders. I added two adjustable buckles and also this double loop sliding thingie which helps hold the criss cross straps together :

Quite happy about figuring out the loopy thing. It keeps the back simple. Another concern is the rig have to be rigid enough to hold a small camera mount and not be droopy. You can take a look at all of that and also a mini tutorial on how to draft and sew a cargo pocket in this video :

The bag can be wore in an “overall” style or tighten to be like a tank top. This is my first draft, so here is a rough pattern guide. I drafted it out on my dress form and measure it up, just for you ( XD ) :

You can also use a tank top as a guide. The pattern is a stand-alone piece, so it just have to be symmetrical. Have a great day and Happy Sewing !