Diy Square Kaftan with Pockets in the Sleeves … What ??

diy kaftan with pocket in sleeve easy sew

Because why not ? Perfect place to keep hand sanitizers ! Or potato chips with the long one :

diy kaftan extra long pocket sleeve1

I use about 2 yds of fabric, the full width across will be the width of the top. The length is up to you, can be cropped or shirt length. The wave fabric is a cotton blend and has a much better drape, which I think, works for this over size style of top ?? Like, normal auntie style , lol . More photos :

diy kaftan with pocket in sleeve

The lace eyelet one is a rather thin kind of cotton, no drape at all. I ended up sewing two huge darts that went up to my eyes to take the excess width in. I think it will look better as a jacket than a top. More photos :

diy kaftan extra long sleeve pocket so crazy

Here is how they were sewn together . I make the neckline by tracing it from a t-shirt and I will show you how to make neck interfacing and how to finish the neck line 🙂