Recent Makes : Not Plastic Plastic Bag , Boro Jeans Bag, & The Easiest Desk Organizer

Hey Hey Hey for Recent Makes !! Let’s start with the most recent one : The Not Plastic, Plastic Bag which you can create the pattern by using a small size plastic bag. I’m making this with sheer, organza type of fabric ( which are cut-offs from a sheer skirt I was sewing) so I am keeping it small size.

To create the pattern, lay the plastic bag down and add to both sides, the width of the handles. That’s it ! The easiest bag pattern you can create yourself ! Then cut the pattern out with seam allowances on sides and bottom. You can bias bind all the other parts ( opening, handle sides, tab ) but I went with baby hems. Because cutting bias binding out of sheer fabric is a pain in the butt.

Here’s the pattern I created and also the steps on how to sew :

When baby hemming the bag’s outside part of the handles, hem all the way to the side’s seam allowance. This will make finishing the bag more tidy. See how to sew it up, plus decorating ideas here :

Next up, the shibori prints are now alive as a bag ! I have to make it in a style that doesn’t need washing because I don’t know how to set the colors on fabric that’s printed out on ink jets. Then I thought Boro style will go well with it, all the blue matches well. I don’t really have a pattern for this bag as I was making it as I go. I  sew running stitches over jean patches onto a base fabric , then went over them with whatever stitches that popped up in my mind. It was quite a relaxing thing to do. After a “new” fabric is created, I sew it up into a tote bag. The tutorial here :

I use all the 4 pieces of shibori prints to make this bag, 2 for the front n 2 for the pockets. Efficiency !

Last one is the Easiest Desk top Organizer. I was at the ASIS section in Ikea and saw these wooden boards selling for less than US$2 ( 50 baht ). I didn’t know what they were but they have this indent in the middle and I thought they would make a great second level on my desk. Turns out the indent is the drawer pull area and the board is the drawer’s front on a line that they are discontinuing. I should have bought more !! Anyhoo, here’s the vid :

I’ll be going to Singapore next month to attend my cousin’s wedding. Next DIYs would probably be on sewing party dress and such. Until the next update , keep DIY-ing !!

Love, Saltymom 🙂