How to Print on Fabric Hack

This project started while I was on Creative Market looking at the pretty things there. It’s my fun thing to do. Some people do Netflix, I do Creative Market 🙂 They are having a June Bundle set and I spotted this lovely one:

tie dye watercolor patterns pack by tasiania creative market.png

Tie-Dye Watercolor Patterns Pack by Tasiania

I always wanted to do tie dying, but I know there will be a huge mess after the project and who’s gonna clean that up ? ME ! so I never tried it. All I have to do is figure out how to print it onto fabric with my printer. Most of the DIYs on youtube uses freezer paper, which is expensive in Bangkok ( imported products ). I think the main point is to get the fabric smoothly and firmly stuck onto paper so that it will not create paper jams.  What’s great about this diy is you can re-use the paper backing up to 3 times, so that is a real time saver !

I have a leftover roll of double-sided tape which was from renovating a spare room into a sound proof room. ( it’s a man cave project for my husband and his friends ) We use it to stick foam sheets onto walls :

acoustic foam wall by

My roll is 7cm wide, so it was perfect for A4 size paper, since the width for A4 is 21 cm. The closest one I found on Amazon is this one, which is 2″ wide.  Right after I print it out, I pull the fabric off and it can be reuse up to 3 times ! After you re-apply onto the fabric, iron out the paper a bit and it is ready to be fed to the printer 🙂

Here’s the video tutorial , and all the supplies you can find them here :

The colors are not color fast but I’m still happy with this hack. So many possibilities, now I can use the graphics and patterns I downloaded and make them into actual things. If you like this , please share !

diy paper for fabric printing by

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