Recent Makes : Sewing Projects

When you see “Recent Makes” , you know I’m majorly slacking on my write-ups. Hu Hu.

Recently, I refashioned some old clothing into something fun to wear :

Old jersey type maxi skirts or dresses are perfect for transforming into harlem pants. The wide skirt ends provides ample space for walking and climbing up stairs and you can vary the look by cutting a low arc or a higher one. I measure around my ankles at where the skirt lands and use that as the width of the leg hole.

If you have a really worn out shirt, you can still save it by changing the style into a vintage mechanics one. Why feed it to the landfills , right ? Just finish the cuffs and hem the shirt wider than usual. You can add a name patch , a job position, a company name ; it’s very customizable and fun !

The video tutorials for these two projects :

Next up, I was curious about turning origamis into bags, so I did a little experiment and scaled up an origami paper cup into a tote bag. I did the folds by ironing and kept the bag no sew. What’s interesting was that a front pocket was created by the folds.
In the video tutorial, I will also show you how to insert the bag handles , so that you can carry them 2 ways :

The last project was done with my kid where we make cute sewing pins out of puffy stickers. Note that these are for light use only, using them on thick sewing projects will cause the pin’s end to protrude n may poke your finger! So take care when using !