DIY Chain Belt Bag in Quilted Fabric

I made a small waist belt bag with detachable straps 🙂 It has a tab that runs horizontally at the back, so you can slot in your choice of straps.

I couldn’t locate this fabric on Amazon. The ones I found are quite thick ( 3/8″ – 1/2″ ) and comes in a larger diamond design. I found mine at a local shop. The fabric have a shimmery finish and the diamonds are in a dainty size. Thickness is only 1/8″ inch. So if you want to try this diy in the same quilted fabric used in the tutorial, you can order from me ! Ha! ( you can scroll down to the sewing notes part to skip this )

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There are 6 colors available  ( Gold / Silver / Dark Silver / Black / Rose Gold / Copper ). Fabric size is 17 ” x  26″ ( like a fat quarter , i’m measuring only the fully quilted area ). I’m adding an iron-on interfacing in the same size, and also a round buckle ( finishing in Chrome / Bronze / Silver ). If you want me to add a zipper, please tell me the color and finishing you want when you order so that I can find something matching. The zipper will be an 8″ one. ( I can only accept Wise transfer for the time being )

Thank you for your support and nowww to the sewing notes !

  • I drew the pattern right onto the iron-on interfacing. The diameter of the circle is 18 cm ( 7 1/8″ ). You’ll need one for the front and one for the back. The sides of the bag is in one continuous piece. The length equals the circumference of the circle and the width is 4 cm. You also need a rectangle piece for the tab. Mine is 10.5 cm ( 4 1/4″ ). The width of the tab will depend on the size of your chains / belt. All these pieces are cut as is , without adding any seam allowance.
  • After the interfacing is ironed onto the quilted fabric ( use low heat ) , cut around with a 1.5 -2 cm seam allowance for front , back , and sides. The tab needs to be doubled on the quilted fabric.
  • Cut the front and back lining using the quilted pieces as a guide.
  • I only lined the two sides under the zipper ends because those are the visible areas. Alternative method will be to join the quilted side ( gusset ) piece first, then measure and cut out the side ( gusset ) lining. This way the seams will not be noticeable.
  • This fabric can get a bit sticky on the sewing feet. If you have those silicone-coated or walking feet, you can use them. I do have to help the fabric move by tugging it bit by bit.
  • The zipper slot’s seam allowance can be just 5mm ( 1/4″ ) if you use double sided tape to help hold it in place. Take your time here to get the corners nicely folded. Baste the zipper to keep it in place , then sew.
  • When sewing the tab onto the back piece, reinforce the beginning and end of each line. This is the area that will rip if not reinforced.
  • After connecting the short ends of the side piece , fold over the seam allowance and top stitch over them. This to keep everything neat.
  • I use French seams to connect the front and back pieces to the side piece. After you sew the first round, trim it very close to the sewing line. Then flip it over. When you sew the second round, you can feel with your fingers as you go where the seams are. The goal is to sew along side that seam so that it is covered up.

I think that’s about it. Forgot to mention, there will be enough fabric left over to make a matching coin purse if you decide to order one 🙂

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Quilted Fabric for Purse DIY

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