Turn Printed Tee into Blank Tee & Box Logo Them !

This is actually a prank diy. Both my girls have this type of box logo t-shirts, same color with different K-pop singer names on the logo :

bts taehyung box logo tshirt.jpg

I thought it would be real funny if I also wear one , in the same color, same font, but with their dad’s nickname on it. Just thinking about it makes me laugh … but it wasn’t so funny for them.

Anyhoo, I have a t-shirt in this color except it has a huge print on the front. I re-sew  the exposed seams on the inside so I can wear it inside out. It’s like finishing off a French seam that has already been started. Since the armhole will become a bit smaller, there will be some excess fabric on the sides. I create a pleat with the excess and located them on the underarm where it is less noticeable. My sewing machine doesn’t like to sew t-shirt fabric, so there are some jumped stitches. I just went back and sew over them.

Here’s the tutorial :

I started with white acrylic paint with fabric medium (ad) mixed with it. This creates a base coat so that when other colors are added on top, the color will remain bright. After everything has dried, I went over it with a dry iron with a scrap fabric on top. Then I flipped the shirt over, washed it in normal settings of my washing machine. The logo will become faded with some whites showing which gives it a vintage look.

If you don’t want the vintage effect, then I would say to add more layers of paint ( i did 2 coats of red ) and to hand wash them instead.