DIY Zakka-Style Wicker Storage Bag

Today I did a project from this Japanese Hand Cafe site. The project I made is this one :

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.42.53 PM.png

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I still have the lid of the basket that I turned into a rear bike basket. The lid doesn’t have much height , so I altered the triangles to have a longer shape. The tutorial in the Japanese site cuts a square into half , diagonally. The legs of the triangle will become the handles and the hypothenuse will be the base. They calculate the base by multiplying the basket’s circumference by 85%. ( In Google Translate, we trust. )

Here’s my version :

Materials used ( some affiliate links , ty for support ! )

  • Some scrap cotton fabric. If you like the elephant prints , you can find some here.
  • The sponge fabric used for the lining. I finally found it !
  • Embroidery floss, I use the full strand in one go.
  • Sewing Machine will be handy but not necessary.

I think this will make a great storage bag as it can keep dust off. Plus it can be a decor on your shelf. The fabric I use is regular printed cotton for quilting, so it gets wrinkly pretty quickly. If you want to make a shoulder bag version, get something with poly blend. Also , you have to consider the drop of the bag. The wicker base is rigid and could get quite uncomfortable carrying on the shoulders. Otherwise , use it as an “elbow” bag. Hmmm, all the fashion possiblities.

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