DIY Pegboard with Spool Holders and all the things :)

Yup, and all the things for holding stuffs. We’re all about saving money here. *chop! chop!*

The pegboard I got is made from compressed paper, so I need to nail it down to prevent it from warping. If you live in Bangkok, you can buy it from this shop ( not affiliated ) and also get the wood scraps from that area ( Damrong rak Road near the Golden Mount Temple ).

I nailed the wood scraps on all four sides : diy pegboard frame by

My pegboard is 70 by 100 cm. To hang it, we use 2 ring screws :

diy pegboard frame 1 by

Then I  got the husband to drill holes onto the wall so we can hang it up :

diy pegboard frame2 by

These are the spool racks :

diy spool racks by

To make them sit on an angle, I hot glued  binder clips underneath and attach them onto the pegboard with zip ties. When you install them , you can play with the racks position. It doesn’t have to be vertical, you can group them and place them wherever you want.

All the other pegboard accessories were made from boxes, elastic bands , and bag studs.  There’s also a detachable tray idea made from milk carton.

So here’s the video tutorial. I hope you like it and that it gives you ideas !