DIY Half Moon Bag

C’est moi , again. This time I made a half circle bag from pleather. It has a 6 cm side, making it spacious 🙂 Also found a ( lazy ) way to sew the pockets inside. The straps are covered with matching fabric as the pockets and they are attached together with double cap rivets.

diy semi circle halfmoon taco pleather bag by

I discover when drawing out the pattern that to make the bag look rounded and sweet looking, the base have to be extended. If it is a true semi circle it will have a harsher look. So if you are going for a “bitchin’ lookin’ ” kinda bag, a true semi circle, as a clutch, will give you that feel.

Here’s the bag’s body pattern with the rivet placements ( in cm ):

diy semi circle half moon taco bag pattern with stud placements.jpg

Notice the ” overlap* ” point there. The ends of the straps overlaps at the bottom so one rivet will be holding 2 straps in place. Therefore choose a thinner weight strap for this project. I use a pretty thick one and the bottom rivet kept popping out.

A closer look :

diy semi circle half moon taco bag pattern with stud placements1.jpg

The pink dot is a rivet that goes on the top strap. This will help the bottom rivet which is holding 2 straps to stay in place.

The video tutorial :