DIY : Sew a Giant Plushie

This is the largest sewing project I’ve ever made 🙂 Don’t let the size frighten you, it is actually very easy to make. It’s like sewing a cushion cover … on steroids.

the tutorial …

( scroll to 3:05 to see some #new_editing_skills ;D )

DIY giant floor cushion bed sumikko gurashi inspired by

I started out by drawing the character ( this is “Tonkatsu” from the “Sumikko Gurashi” series ), then fit the width in a 4 squares grid. This  part is important cuz it will make transferring the pattern onto fabric a lot easier.

I skipped the paper pattern and created the 4 by 6 square grid directly onto the lining fabric ( 60″ wide ). This is done by folding and ironing the fabric into squares.

Next, I use the creased lines on the fabric as a guide to transfer the pattern.

I made a lining cover to fill the stuffings and the outside cover has a zipper sewn onto the sides. It will need to be washed one day and separating the stuffings is good practice !

What’s great about removable cover is that you can always sew up a new one in another character, as long as it is egg-shaped.

Here are the materials used :

  • 4 yds lining fabric (60″ wide)
  • 4.5 yds fur fabric (60″wide)
  • longest zipper u can get – 1
  • 9 kgs polyester stuffings

We’re using this as an extra bed in the kids’ room. Since The Teen has begun dorm life, The Kid has moved into our room. When The Teen comes back on the weekends, we don’t have to move The Kid’s bed back to her room. They can just take turns sleeping on the Giant Plushie !