Diy Gudetama Bean Bag with Bacon Towel

I wasn’t going to mess with bean bag fillings. The last project I did with them doesn’t bring up good memories. There was a spillage and man, I was chasing those little balls for weeks. But then one of my girls’ friends asked if I could make her one… like a regular, brown pleather one ?

Of course ! I went to make a mock up out of felt :

diy gudetama bean bag mock up felt by

That’s a crude version of Gudetama, Sanrio’s Lazy Egg character. I think he’s a perfect candidate for a bean bag since he doesn’t move n always have that painful expression on his face. It would be fun to sit on him. I also wanted to test if his leg would rise up when sat on.

And it did ! Success !!

diy gudetama bean bag with bacon towel 2 by

The video tutorial :

Yes, there is also a bacon towel cuz that’s Gudetama’s security blanket.

Notes on this bean bag project :

  • I try to sew everything on the wrong side of the pleather. My machine doesn’t have a walking feet, so the pleather side of the fabric will definitely get stuck.
  • I use a 6″ zipper, get a longer one cuz turning this whole bag out of a 6″ hole was insanity. The zipper head faces north, so you can fill in more beans.
  • I didn’t plan to put the zipper at that location. After I turn it n flip it over, I realized that I created a butt crack for Gudetama… and that I will have to fill him up with beans thru that crack…
  • Make sure you’ve got everything sewn, zippers working, no holes for the beans to escape. Cuz once you flip the bag, you don’t want to do that again.
  • I glued double layers of polyester stuffing to stiffen up the legs.
  • There is a method for sewing the pink strips onto the white towel. If you do the sides first, it will twist. Sewing down the middle of the strip, then on the sides will give a flatter result.

Hope you enjoy n have a nice day 🙂