DIY Cycling Backpack with Jersey Pockets, Helmet Clip, and Night Lights, Yeah !!

If you like to ride bikes, you’ll love this DIY 🙂  Come to think of it, it’s also a cool shopping backpack. It has a clip where you can clip on your helmet or cap or keys thus freeing up the space inside the bag. The jersey pockets make it easy to reach for your phone and cash. There’s a velcro band to stick on blinky lights. Great for night riding !!

diy drawstring backpack for cycling with helmet holder velcro lights and jersey pockets by

I use canvas-weight print fabric, thick enough for everyday wear and also lightweight for everyday use. I try to match the pattern on all the pieces so I left a seam allowance that is wider than 1 cm. This is so that I can sew onto the black lines to hide the stitchings. I’m pretty sure I have some kind of minor obsessive disorder here.

Pattern details below :pattern for diy cycling drawstring backpack by

The video tutorial :

If you can’t find the plastic clips , you can use a chihuahua dog collar. It’s about the same size.

Enjoy and have a nice day !