The Senior Cooking Project : Vegetarian Stew

My mom taught me how to make this dish in The Senior Cooking Project , which is just a fancy name I thought up just now. What we do is decide on a menu that she wants to make. I go over to her house and film her cooking demonstration with my dad as “the kitchen helper” XD. I go back home, edit my footages into a home-movie cooking show for her to share with family. Then, I try to recreate her dish.

It was quite a success. When I got there, she has everything laid out and also given much thought on how to execute her cooking demonstration in a step-by-step way :

ingredients for cantonese style vegetarian stew with fermented red bean tofu by

If you are not familiar with Asian cooking, some of the ingredients may look strange and inedible.  They just need to be rehydrated before cooking. I especially like the black fungus’ rehydrating performance. Very oddly satisfying !


I kept thinking about The Walking Dead while making this. When they go on food runs,  they always bring back canned food ( beans ) . Why didn’t anybody raid an Asian grocery store? These are much more light-weighted and higher in dietary fiber, don’t you think ?