Temple Fair @ Wat Prayoon

Wat Prayoon ( or official name : Wat Prayurawongsawas Waraviharn, superrrr long ! ) is celebrating their 188 years of existence. You only have this and the next evening to catch a real temple fair. So if you are around the Flower Market, just walk across the river via the Memorial Bridge ( the green bridge ) and you will see a giant white stupa. That is where you are going.

We went there last night and had a great time. Very crowded, much food, diet busted with mango and sticky rice . There was this guy making humungous crackers called ” khao grieb vow ” ( kite crackers ). khao grieb vow thai cracker.jpg

My kids called them “Elephant ears crackers” though. It’s made from glutinous flour,  cooked over a charcoal grill by flipping it side to side with a bamboo rake. It’s very crunchy and once you start, you can’t stop.

There will also be an open-air movie, just like in the old days , by this retro-looking movie projector :


I think the movie will be silent but there will be people doing live voice overs. I’m not that old to know how it was done then. It’ll probably be like watching live game casts.

Another temple fair favourites you get to see  is the Thai “Li-kae” ( Thai opera ). A skit with live Thai classical music, singing , and dancing. The one below is played by school kids and they did an amazingly good job.

Screen Shot 2559-01-12 at 3.29.47 PM.png

There are also games and rides for kids. I played this one where you have to burst balloons with darts.  If you win, you’ll get a ( distant relative of ) Pooh bear. All proceeds from games and rides goes into the donation box.