DIY a Bat Wing Blouse : Quick Sewing Project

Bat wing tops are super easy, this I have convinced myself while watching various YouTube vdos. I already have a pattern from this book, so it was time to try it out.

The patterns in this book is very interesting. The creator has combined everything ( front / back / sleeves ) into one single piece. It simplifies the steps from cutting out individual pieces, then pinning and sewing them back together.

For this project the pattern looks like this :


On the paper pattern, both the front and back necklines are drawn onto the same piece. There’s also a tiny semi-circle on the shoulder. To transfer the pattern just fold your fabric in half and position it like so…


After marking the front part,  I flipped it over and marked the back piece. The semi-circle is there to help align the pattern. I think if I’ve folded it over once more, and align the center and the shoulder part to the fold, I can just cut out the entire piece in one go.

Sewing was easy,  just 3 steps …


* on step 3, sew the two lines with the front side of the fabric facing you. 

Note : The fabric used should not be one directional, like the one below or else one side of the finished piece will be upside down.

goose fabric

I skipped the elastic waist band and went for a free-flowing style. This is the front…

sewing diy one piece pattern blouse2

and the back.

sewing diy one piece pattern blouse1

The book’s ISBN is 978-4-471-400-76-7. My next project will be this top :

japanese sewing book one piece pattern4